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What We Do

The easiest part of being an author? 


Three-Legged Elephant Publishing understands that authors are 'word masters' not business partners - but we also know that losing control of the decisions that can make or break a successful book will also make or break a successful author!

TLEP and authors will work in tandem and involved in the A to Z 'technicals' of the book:  font size, cover art, the physical size of the book size, book launch, marketing, and last, but definitely NOT the least: Editing.

Together, TLEP and the author - YOU - will customize the best direction for your manuscript - with your satisfaction being fully aware of each and every step.

And Then Came the Films...

It is said that by conquering one challenge, two more will appear  - and appear they have:

  • "One Way In, No Way Out" - episodic web series

  • "Jailhouse Therapist" - short film

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